If you are planning to travel to Japan

I guess many planing to visit to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, such a developmental city.  Sure thing It is definitely good ideas !

Well,,, As far as I’m concerned, you can feel more “Japan” in rural cities.

I’m not sure what type of imaginations foreigners have. Let me guess.. hot springs? “samurai” ?castles?  don’t know. Maybe,, sth related to  old-fashioned things right? The picture below like this? lol

Actually. Japan is known as one of the best tech country in the world. But That’s not what Japan has to be for me .

My point is,,,, I want you to visit to rural cities in Japan. It’s more attractive, breathtaking, could be heartbreaking!!!

I was born in Ishikawa-Pref which is located middle of JapanI was spending  my time there for a while last month. and then I visited a hot spring. And I experienced to make my own pottery . (There are actually lot of places you can make Japanese traditional dishes, cups.rice bowls, and so on.)

As you may see the picture above, This is what I made.!!!!!!  You wanna know How it’s made of ?  Give me a moment,,,,!!!

This is called “rokuromawasi” in Japanese. I guess only fraction of people have experienced before even Japanese.

Machin is spinning. and you make this pottery’s shape close to what you want to make. It’s actually not easier than looking. The ingredients  made out of special soil is really delicate. So you need to treat them really kind.

It just took about 20 minutes to be done to make the shapeless better . After that they need to dry off the pottery . It takes couple of months like 2 months. After that they deliver it to your home.  The completed version is like this ( really depends on a person though,,,)

You can even put your name on it.    I’m sure this is gonna be unforgettable experience in your life. I definitely recommend visiting here. Of course you can relax with hot springs after making this.

The rooms are amazing as well!
>If you have an interests . You can ask me whatever you want!

I’m gonna put the link just in case


Apparently, you can change language Japanese to English. Wish you have a good day guys!